viernes, 13 de octubre de 2006

An Announcement

An Announcement

A Woman is looked for

A woman really, feminine, smiling, nice and very sincere
A woman that wants to love and to feel dear
An affectionate woman and that he/she needs a lot of affection
she doesn't have to be pretty and wonderful if not that feels beautiful
A woman of an alone man, for me to be able to be their man
Not so modern, because today with the modernism she got lost the romantic
A woman that thinks and he likes as formerly, the first look, the eye in the eye, the compliment, the first kiss in short all the good one that you this losing with the time, with that modernism that this it emptied and without but love.
A woman that needs of a true love
A woman that wants and want to feel woman
A woman that dreams and that she needs of a lot of love, love that I can give him
A coquettish and tender woman in short a woman
Anoint woman that needs of romantic and poetries
A woman that he loves to listen
I Love you
In short a woman it is looked for.
Carlos Campaña

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